TL;DR: changes multi-line input into the comma-separated output.

Full story: around 6 years ago I created a simple tool to speed up my daily job. The problem was – our Affiliate Manager has been giving me excel file with one column – the IDs of customers to change their affiliate association in the database. There was a simple query behind it:

UPDATE clients
SET affiliate_id = 100001
WHERE id IN (<here goes comma separated list of clients>);

Of course, you can do that somehow in Excel. I often pasted that column to VIM and put the commas using a macro. But that was becoming a hassle, when I’ve been asked a couple times per week, sometimes a day.

I decided to create a simple tool, which looked ugly, but worked just fine.

I’ve changed job since then, but still use almost every day. I’ve seen people in my teams having the same problem so I’ve given them the tool as well. Today is a good time to open-source it and make it slightly prettier, thanks to Tailwind CSS.

I’ve also pushed source to the GitHub, feel free to use it your own way or submit Pull Request or Issue: