I just came back from the third edition of RuPy Conference, which take place in Poznań. As last year, it was very successful. There are my feelings about conference.

I was focused mainly on Python talks, so I choose those from agenda. Very good talks take place in the first day morning. Interesting and promising speech about speed and future of PyPy, the Python interpreter written in Python, by Maciej Fijałkowski. After it, there was presentation about Griffon, a way to build nice GUI in Groovy, by James Williams. It was very interesting, especially to those who have written something in Swing before:-)
The third talk, common to both tracks, was Introduction to MongoDB by Michael Dirolf. It was again new topic for me. Presentation was very good and inspired me to try MongoDB somewhere.
Just after lunch (delicious in my opinion) we have opportunity to listen to David Goodger, member of Python Software Foundation, head of Pycon conference 2008 and 2009. David gave fantastic talk about building an open source community and his experiences in this field. It was pleasure to listen to him.
Then the lighting talks took place – six guys tried to describe their topics in 5 minutes. The best one was presented by Scoot Chacon about HTTP access to git repositories.
After that we’ve listen to three more presentations, Kristian Rother’s software engineering in the biomedical lab, Łukasz Langa and Wojciech Lichota – compiled websites in Python and Michal Domański and Michal Chruszcz – caching in Python.
The first day have traditionally ended with Geek Party. As last year there was bit crowdy, but this wasn’t major problem – we’ve drunk whole beer in the club 🙂 After this failure we’ve moved to Proletaryat pub, crowdy too, but quite nice 🙂
Second day of RuPy was initiated by Paolo Negri and his presentation about the RabbitMQ. After that, Scott Chacon from Github, gave speech titled “Mastering Git”. It was absolutely the best one. Scott showed many great features of Git, and way he speaks was awarded with many applauses:-)
Third talk was about TreeTop by Marcin Raczkowski. After lunch we’ve again lighting talks, instead of cancelled talk about MongoDB. Then I’ve listen to Serge Smetana showing a performance tips to speed up Rails apps and Charles Nutter on JRuby.
I’ve no opportunity to be at Google Wave Hackathon, because we’ve got e to catch a train to home.
To summarize, this RuPy edition was very well organized and speakers selection were good choice too. Of course there was some things I didn’t like, for example too few tables in lunch restaurant, too small club for Geek Party or no microphone for attendees asking questions after talks, but those are minor issues. In future I’ll be great to have T-shirt for all attendees or at least chance to buy one, if some haven’t been so lucky to win his own. Also better communication with attendees via Internet will be useful, for example agenda changes nofications.  I recommend a Twitter for it, because so many people used it.
I hope to participate in the next edition of RuPy 🙂